Wednesday, July 30, 2008

August Goals - Office & Scrapbooking

For August, my focus is going to be on my office. It's back to school time, so I always get the organizing itch big time about now! My office is a room over the garage, and it's quite large. It also tends to be the dumping ground, so it needs a lot of work. I've started bringing all my scrapbooking stuff up there as I sometimes have pockets of time during a conference call or between creating files to work on a layout. So, my goals for August:

1. Office:
  • Find a chair - there is a perfect spot in the front of my office for a nice big chair and a half. This would be a great spot to take a quick work break, read late at night without bothering my DH or for my kids to read books while I work.
  • Rearrange furniture - I have a floorplan, just need to take the time to do it.
  • Clean up the piles - there are about four or five "piles" that need sorted, put away, etc.
  • Sort and purge files

2. Scrapbooking:

  • Put all old pictures in albums (not scrapbook, just put them in photo albums)
  • Sort & purge supplies
  • Finish organizing supplies in the credenza in the office - this is where I am currently keeping the bulk of my supplies and I'd like to get them all in there
  • Buy plastic page protectors, pages and put together all the finished pages in an album
  • Create space on the bookshelf for an "idea book/ files/ etc."

If I can accomplish all this, I will be thrilled. Looks like I have about one item from each category to do each week - that seems doable. I'm traveling now, but I'll post pictures of the current space next week when I return. That should help keep me accountable.

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