Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Organizing Tips

A few more tips for this week:

1. Do you have a bunch of empty hangers in your closets? I am especially guilty of this in the kids closets - all their clothes come on hangers, so why do I feel the need to keep the old ones once they've outgrown the clothes. Seriously, is a 4T top going to fit well on a 0-3 month hanger? So, throw out all those old hangers. If you are really into a neat closet, find a hanger you like, buy the number you need and get rid of the rest. You can take them to Goodwill or try a thrift store or dry cleaners to possibly recycle them. Here's another idea? When you buy something new, if you don't have enough hangers you should automatically get rid of one old thing - a new way to enforce that "one in, one out" rule!

2. Wire shelf over the washer and dryer to hang clothing. I have the Duet washer and dryer which I love, but are so tall that I can't reach the shelf above them. So, my DH is going to replace that shelf with one of those wire ones - I can reach up there with a hanger to hang a shirt to dry. That should eliminate all the shirts always hanging on our bathroom shower rods and in the doorways!

3. Is your pantry a mess? Use baskets or even those small plastic drawers to organize small items like spice packets, mixes, etc. This is especially useful if you have wire shelving in your pantry! I have one basket on the bottom shelf where I put individual snacks for the kids - baggies of crackers, boxes of raisins, granola bars and once in a while fruit chews. The snacks are easily accessible and it looks nice!

Have a great Tuesday!


awyatt02 said...

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TSS said...

These are great organization tips. Drawer units with wheels greatly help when trying to organize the laundry room or kitchen. The flat top allows for extra counter space and the drawers are perfect for storage. Plus, it rolls!

phoward336 said...

Great ideas! Thanks for taking the time to post them!