Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 1 - fun with the kids

Well, for week 1 I've planned the following:

1. Wednesday morning we are going to go to a free kids concert at a nearby park.
2. Friday morning we are going to play with water outside (sponges, balloons, paintbrushes, etc.)
3. We picked blueberries last weekend and while we are bagging them for freezing, I thought we could do some simple math (i.e. two blueberries plus two equal four, if you have 5 blueberries and eat two how many do you have? etc.)

Next week will be the special time for my DS, and the week after for my DD.

On a related note, last night we decided to walk to CVS for our weekly ECB trip. It's only about a mile away, and so we loaded up the double stroller and headed over after dinner. It was terrific! My DH played with the kids while I did my bargain shopping, everything fit under the stroller, and we got some good exercise and conversation on the way there and back. This will definitely become a new tradition for us!

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