Monday, July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

It's always nice to get back to a "normal" schedule. So, here is my menu plan for the week - I'm still trying to clean out my freezer . . . I must have enough food in there to feed an army! Maybe by the end of the summer.

Monday - Leftover beans and rice, leftover homemade pizza
Tuesday - Mystery shop
Wednesday - turkey (yep, out of the freezer), mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce (freezer)
Thursday - Stuffed pork roast (freezer - out of The Sonoma Diet cookbook - it's stuffed with feta, roasted red peppers and spinach), salad, barley
Friday - Steaks on the grill (freezer), corn on the cob, brown rice
Saturday - street festival downtown
Sunday - Shrimp linguine with pesto sauce (from last year's batch of pesto out of the garden!)

Breakfasts will be steel cut oatmeal, veggie egg scrambles, cereal

Lunches will be leftovers for the most part - I may start planning them also, we'll see

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