Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Diapers!

We couldn't resist - DH and I went out again today and picked up another 30 packs of diapers - yes that is 48 packages of diapers. Add to that the 12 my mom bought and the 6 my MIL picked up and we have . . . drumroll . . . 66 packages of diapers. Thank goodness I have a large storage closet in my basement! Actually, I picked up 6 newborn throughout the day so those I will donate to a nearby Woman's Shelter - I feel like I should share the wealth. But, 60 packs of diapers should last us about a year, and I anticipate another year to a year and a half in diapers.

Total spent out of pocket: $89.21 for 48 packages of diapers, 1 bag of yogurt covered pretzels, 1 box of Wyler's light drink mixes, 1 bag of Kissables and (2) - 6 packs of toilet paper. I ended up with $80 in Register Rewards. Pretty sweet!!!

It was fun and since we drove down to the city to mow my grandparent's lawn and visit them, we spread our trips out over 4 more Walgreen's today. We also made sure not to take all the diapers - I hate it when the shelves are cleared and I'm trying to do a deal.

Other good deals today - sold magazines and books at Half-Price Books and made $6.00. The kids each also got a book there for the reading program. Plus, we made a quick stop at CVS (since they are always across the street from Walgreens) and I picked up 6 packs of Trident gum - on sale B1G1 and I had 3 B1G1 coupons, so those, plus a cute little clearanced picture frame was $1.61 and I got $3.00 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB's) back.

It will be so nice for the next year to not have to worry about running out of diapers and not have to run out and pay full price just because we need them! We are so blessed we could float the $89 out of pocket to save so much in the coming year.

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