Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Review June Goals

How did I do in June? I had some pretty hefty goals to improve my physical fitness level and I didn't do bad. Maybe not as great as I would have liked, but it was a good start.

To review . . .

My goals:

- increase my energy level

- create a fitness routine that encompasses all aspects and that I can maintain with my lifestyle

- create a "habit" of regular exercise

- do all this without spending a fortune

How did I do?

- I think my energy level is better, although if that's from more exercise or better sleep who knows?!?

- I have created a fitness routine - I regularly walk in the mornings with my DS and I'm taking a twice weekly kickboxing class; I still need to work on additional strength training and yoga/ flexibility

- I have been actively thinking about fitness (i.e. walk to CVS Monday night) and my routine has become a "habit"

- I am spending $40 a month for kickboxing, and the walking is free. I also found a great resource for "free" workout videos on cable TV

All in all, not bad - definitely better than I have done in previous months! Plus, I think the changes I have made will stick.

In keeping with the fitness theme, here is a great resource for fitness magazines on the cheap!

Everyday, they have a deal of the day, so if you keep watching, both Fitness and Shape magazine will eventually come up. You can get the subscriptions for less than $5 a year!!! It takes a while for the magazines to start arriving, but the ones I have ordered do eventually come. Once I've read them and copied any information I'm interested in, I sell them to Half Price Bookstore - so I'm out even less! Enjoy!

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