Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wk 2 with the kids

Well, I feel like I'm drowning - I just got a BIG work project dumped on me and am trying to keep it in perspective while still doing my job. Sad to say I'm headed out of town tomorrow for a few days to work. I'm especially disappointed because the kids are headed to Grandma's (at least it's good I'll be gone while they are gone) and I had grand plans of cleaning out all the closets and organizing everything for our big garage sale Friday and Saturday. Now, the closets will stay as they are and my poor DH has to prep for the garage sale alone as I won't get home until late Thursday night . . . I know I should be thankful that I have a good job that typically allows me a lot of free time, but when these awful, time sucking projects come along, it's hard to think positively.

On the flip side, I did spend some one on one time with my DS yesterday - we hit the park and played and had a picnic - it was GREAT! Then, this morning, I took both kids to the pool - which was a lot of fun for all of us. Sunday when they return we are going to the fair as a family. So, I'm keeping on track with my monthly goals, and this trip to Grandma's was already planned.

Next week I'm going to have to really make an effort not to get sucked into work the whole week - it's tough because of course the company doesn't care about spending time with your toddlers, but I'll do my best and remember the long hours are only for a short time period! If only I could get by on less sleep and work at night while they sleep . . .

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