Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Daily Devotional

One of the things I've been struggling with at this time in my life is how to stay consistent with my relationship with God. I want to set aside time each day for reading my Bible and making time for prayer. Recently I've found a Bible I really enjoy:

There is a daily reading (with one for the weekend versus two), a short "lesson" and some additional related verses. I've found that if I spend a few minutes as soon as I get up with this reading I can start my day off on the right tone. It's been really helping to keep me consistent and each day I've been able to glean some "nugget" of information that I can think about and keep in mind all day.

For example, today's lesson discussed how our children will become what we tell them they will become. I've always tried very hard not to "label" my children - (ex: DD is my reader, DS is creative, etc.) as I don't want to box them into a role. However, just thinking about this further showed me that even though I am conscious of it, I still need to be careful - just yesterday I was stating within earshot of my children that DS isn't a good sleeper - now do I really want to encourage that thinking? Heck no!


Sarah Mae said...

Who hasn't struggled with this, right? I'm trying to start doing a little devotional a day on my blog, something small and simple for women to begin their day - we'll see how it goes! Also, a great book on "making time" is "Shopping for Time, How to Do it All and Not Be Overwhelmed" by Carolyn Mahaney.

phoward336 said...

Thanks for the book suggestion - I will add it to my wishlist!