Thursday, May 22, 2008

Healthy Eating update

I thought I'd take a few minutes and update everyone on my month of Healthy Eating.

So far, it's going well - I have definitely decreased my snacking, my breakfast choices have dramatically improved and I've been having some fun with new, healthy recipes. I've also been using a lot more fresh herbs and organic ingredients as well as different grains. The other great improvement I've made is when grocery shopping I have almost eliminated buying junk food - I didn't take the extreme measure of throwing out what was already in the pantry, but I haven't added to the stash of junk food or prepared foods. I think this will make it easier on the kids and DH - slowly increasing healthy snacks and decreasing the junkier choices.

These are definitely changes I will continue in the future. I will also continue to try new things but it's been nice to just focus on this topic this month. My file folder system has worked well - whenever I see something that I'd like to try or that interests me I just make a note of it, print it or clip the article and drop it in the folder - no stress, no feeling of being overwhelmed!

Next week will be a great challenge for the healthy eating as we'll be traveling - it will be a great chance to see how well I can stick to my goals while not at home able to prepare my own food! I think alternative grains/ true whole wheat products will be the most difficult thing to find while out and about.

The first part of June will be a great challenge for the exercising for the same reason - I'm going to try hard to stick to my goals and find ways to work out while on vacation!

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