Friday, May 30, 2008

Choices, Choices

Well, it has been a challenging week for eating healthy, but I think overall I've done a great job. Let me give you a recap of yesterday as an example - along with some of the ways I made my choices as good as possible:

Breakfast - grande skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks, reduced fat blueberry pound cake (not my best choice, but Starbucks is limited in healthy food items)

Lunch - one slice of frozen cheese pizza (not my choice, but since that was what the family was having I limited myself to one piece), leftover broccoli from dinner the night before (instead of the chips everyone else was eating), water

Snack - diet coke, fruit bowl (I was at ABC and really wanted shortbread but I ordered the fruit bowl instead - and it was wonderful!)

Dinner - hamburger on the grill, salad with fresh tomatoes (I skipped the cheesy potatoes and potato salad), water

All in all, not bad - it's been hard since I haven't been in charge of meals, but I did buy a box of Kashi and have had that most mornings for breakfast. I've also loaded up my plate with whatever veggies were being served and avoided the "fattier" or "fast food" type stuff.

Next week although my focus will be on exercise I'm still going to try to be concious of what I'm eating - we'll be eating out a lot, but since we will have a kitchen I can keep some healthy foods on hand!

I'll post next week on my final analysis of May as well as my plans and goals for improving my physical fitness in June!

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