Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Working from the road

This week we are visiting family and while the kids are with Grandma, I'm off working. Since I'm not in my home office, I've had a challenge of finding places with free wireless where I don't feel like I have to spend a fortune. It's been interesting and I'd appreciate any tips!

So far, I've hit Starbucks - my home DSL is AT&T so I can log in there for free. I worked there for several hours this morning while I had a Mocha - so for about $4 I was set for half the day. I did have a gift card so that wasn't bad.

This afternoon I'm at a DQ off the highway that offers free wireless (it's connected to a hotel). It's not the cleanest place and it's very cold in here, but I bought a small diet coke and small blizzard (which I only ate half of) and spent $4.15. I should have skipped the blizzard and stuck with my healthy eating, but I felt bad only ordering a small coke and planning on staying here for several hours.

Tomorrow I think I'll try an Atlantic Bread Company and then who knows where I'll go!

As I stated earlier, I'd love some tips! I'm trying to work, save money and eat healthy all while on the road - I'm sure there are some road warriors out there that have a ton of great ideas! Please share!

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