Friday, May 2, 2008

My Frugal Friday Family Night

We decided to start the weekend off right with a family night. So, after dinner at home, we took off on our adventures. First stop was CVS (for me!). I picked up four packages of diapers, two Colgate 360 toothbrushes, 1 of the CVS allergy packs, a Glade car scented oil holder and one of the Tum's instant dissolve for 75 cents after coupons and ECB's. It was fun! I had a raincheck for the diapers from the last time they were B1G1 and I've just been waiting for a $2 off $10 coupon to buy them - today when I scanned my card a $3 off $10 showed up -score!

Next we headed over to Meijer for gas - a sickening $63 later (we were REALLY empty), we ran to a store for me to do a quick mystery shop ($8). Then we went to Maggie Moo's for ice cream - we had a B1G1 coupon, so we got two regulars for $5 and some change - expensive but a fun treat. My little guy was so excited once he figured out where we were and what we were getting - he was bouncing all over the place (he's 18 months). After our tummies were full, we went to the bookstore to play with the train set and read books - I read a good dozen to the kids before we left. Last stop was Walmart to pick up milk and Kashi cereal - thanks to Money Saving Mom for the tip on the $2 coupons!

Total spent (aside from gas): $9.25
Total earned: $8.00
New ECB: don't have the receipts on me but around $15

Now the kids are snoozing and I just finished inputting my shop and am doing a bit of surfing with a warm cup of tea. Good start to the weekend!

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