Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stocking up!

I go back and forth on stockpiling - I like the concept, but sometimes I find myself with way too much of something we don't need (Hamburger Helper comes to mind!). I end up donating a lot of stuff like that.

However, I do try to keep a nice supply of meat in the freezer. Every week I watch the sale prices and at least twice a month do a stock up of whatever meat is on sale. For example, last week Kroger had boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale for $1.67/lb. I know that we eat chicken two or three times a week. I also know that chicken tends to go on sale at one of our three main groceries at least every other month. So, I purchased 8 packages. I then took the chicken out of the packages, pounded it flat (for easier even cooking) and rebagged it in freezer bags. It took me about fifteen minutes and now I have enough chicken for at least the next month, possibly two. Total cost: $17.53 for 8 dinners (and enough for lunch the next day).

Yes, it upped my grocery bill for this week, but I've found if I do this twice a month, I can work it into the budget because my off weeks are much less expensive with no meat being purchased.

Hopefully even with my more expensive grocery shopping for the healthy food, this will be one of those ways to continue to keep us eating well for less. And, hopefully by this time next month, all the junk food will be gone - and if it's not, might be time for another big donation to the food pantry!


Mom2fur said...

I think one of the troubles with being too strict with a budget is that sometimes it doesn't allow you to 'think ahead.' You are smart to buy meat the way you do. A little extra spent 'stockpiling' your freezer one week will save you money in the weeks to come! I do that, too. If something is available at a great price, and we use a lot of it, I'll get multiple packages. It just makes more sense!

Sarah Corbin said...

Oh, my goodness! We have the same Frugal Friday post! The same topic has been on my mind and I just found some great bulk meat deals! Happy shopping and planning ahead.

Beth said...

I am a huge fan of stock pilling. For the first six weeks my budget was up a bit. Now it is down to 50-60 a week. For a family of five. Also I love the feeling of never running out of anything.