Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, my DD requested pancakes for breakfast - which I do make on a regular basis for her. Today I experimented a bit more with my recipe. I usually put oatmeal in my pancakes, and I often add blueberries or mini chocolate chips. Today, I used half regular flour and half oat bran flour. Then I added a few good sized scoops of flax seed, some oatmeal and lots of frozen blueberries. YUM!!!! These were great and the kids gobbled them up. Next time I may try whole wheat flour in place of the regular.

I used to use boxed mixes and jazz them up a bit, but I've found it's so easy to mix up a fresh batch I don't even bother with the mixes anymore - saves money and eliminates all the food additives I can't pronounce!

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