Monday, May 5, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, this is my first full week of healthy eating for May, so I thought I'd post my menu plans - it's actually going to be an odd week since I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Wednesday, so Wed/Thurs/Fri will probably all be smoothies! Thanks to Organizing Junkie for putting together the MPM!

Monday - Herbed pork tenderloin, braised spinach, fresh fruit
Tuesday - mystery shop with DH (date night!)
Wed/Thurs/Fri - who knows
Sat - Tilapia w/ cucumber sauce, salad, fresh fruit
Sun - Balsamic chicken on the grill, roasted veggies, fruit

The dishes actually look like a pretty typical dinner week for our family. The real difference in how I'm eating is in the lunches, breakfasts and snacks. I'll share an example of that down the road.


Sonshine said...

Welcome to MPM! Your menu looks yummy!

You will probably want cold soft foods for several days after your wisdom teeth removal.

Have a great week despite your surgery! :) Praying for you!

Joy of Frugal Living said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth removal!

I finally got to respond to your comment and meme. My apologies for taking so long - life has been nuts around here.