Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preparing for Vacation!

Doesn't it seem like you are busier than usual before going on vacation? I feel like I spend the week before rushing all around getting everything done. Add to that the fact that I like to leave with a clean house and . . . whew, I need that vacation more than ever!

I'm trying to keep it easy on myself this week by scheduling a few things everyday to accomplish and having it all finished by Thursday. That will leave Friday for packing the last minute things, a final pick up of the house, vaccum and take off! So far so good! I also tried not to schedule much for us to do this week - that has really helped out. Today is my last appointment - that leaves tomorrow wide open for finishing up work and cleaning. I'm working on this vacation as we'll be gone for so long, so I also don't have that stress of finishing up work before I leave.

Some things I'm doing different this time:

Only packing a week's worth of outfits for each of us - I know we'll be gone three weeks and there is no point in trying to pack for that long. One week and we'll do laundry two or three times. I also packed my and the kids clothes last weekend - my DH is in charge of himself. I've been wearing jeans all week (since all my shorts are packed), but that's fine. Disgustingly I haven't even noticed the weeks worth of clothes the kids are missing - apparently they have too many clothes!

Not taking food along - we are staying with family the first week, so I'm going to do one grocery shopping trip the second week when we move to the condo. I'm taking my coupons and I'll make a list on the drive down. Definitely less packing, but it will probably cost more (still less than eating out every meal though!)

Packing the car tonight. We have a short deadline from Friday to when we have to arrive Saturday morning, so instead of staying up late tomorrow night packing and being tired for the all night drive, we are going to get it done tonight, leave the car in the garage tomorrow and go to bed early so we'll be well rested.

No appointments on Thursday or Friday. Usually I have booked myself up until an hour before we leave!

We'll see if these changes help! Any tips from anyone else on how to make the week before vacation easier?

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